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Homeउत्पादोंPH रैखिक श्रृंखलाHanging Hctopus style Full Spectrum Led Grow Light

Hanging Hctopus style Full Spectrum Led Grow Light

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Light color:
Total lamp power (Watts):
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Product Attributes

मॉडल नं.PH-FD72-I


लैंप की हल्की दक्षता (एलएम / डब्ल्यू)120

समर्थन मद्धिमहाँ

प्रकाश समाधान सेवाप्रकाश और सर्किटरी डिजाइन, ऑटो सीएडी लेआउट, परियोजना स्थापना

दीपक जीवन (घंटे)50000 रु

काम के घंटे (घंटे)50000 रु

आवेदनबीज प्रारंभ, फूल का खिलना, अन्य, शाकाहारी

प्रकाश क्वांटम फ्लक्स घनत्व400-700

दीपक की मुख्य सामग्रीएल्यूमीनियम मिश्र धातु

सुरक्षा सूचकांकIP65

प्रमाणीकरणसी.ई., ईटीएल, एफसीसी

उत्पत्ति का स्थानचीन

प्रकाश स्रोतएलईडी

वारंटी अवधि (वर्ष)3 साल

Light colorFull Spectrum

FeatureFoldable, Dimmable, High Efficiency

Supply Ability & Additional Informations





आपूर्ति की क्षमता2000pcs/month

प्रमाण पत्रCE and ETL

एचएस कोड940540900


भुगतान प्रकारT/T,Western Union,Paypal,L/C

IncotermFOB,CIF,EXW,DDP,DDU,Express Delivery

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Hanging Hctopus style Full Spectrum Led Grow Light Private Led Grow Light Affordable Full Spectrum Led Grow Light Adjustable Spectrum Led Grow Light Bar

The ideal grow light spectrum for plants depends on several factors. These include how specific plants use PAR-spectrum light for photosynthesis but also the wavelengths outside of the 400-700nm range. This light can help accelerate flowering, increase nutrition, speed up rate of growth, etc. If the light source is sole (indoors) or supplementary (greenhouses) also affects which grow light spectrums should be used. Generally, photosynthetic efficiency occurs at the red and blue peaks which means plants absorb these spectrums most when growing. You might think the ideal grow light spectrum is equal to sunlight – after all, it’s had millions of years of experience – however, it’s more detailed than this. Sunlight produces a lot of greens, yellows, and oranges – they’re the most readily available spectrums of light. In fact, studies tell us how green light, while not absorbed by chlorophyll as well as red and blue (hence why most plants appear green), it’s absolutely critical for photosynthesis. Light spectrums outside of blue and red wavelengths are used least by plants to grow as reds and blues are where most photosynthetic activity occurs – a big reason why full-spectrum grow lights are incredibly efficient because a grower can get very specific. Phlizon Full Spectrum Led Grow Light support customer DIY service, like change color, spectrum and logo. Buying a professional Led Grow Light please choose Phlizon Led Grow Ligt. We are special for indoor planting.

1 Led Grow Light

ETL Listed High efficacy (up to 2.5 μmol s-2.8 per watt) High output for high intensity

Samsung white LEDs/Domestic high quality leds and effective domestic far red/Osr Top bin LEDs for your choice

Reduced HVAC requirement (30-40% less) Balanced, full-spectrum light output

Dimmable 0/1-10V

8-bar grow lamp allows for using in grow rooms, on grow racks, over benches, and in grow tents

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2 Led Grow Light Full Spectrum

We provide cheap led grow lights with high performance and high yield,produce not only 720 watt led grow light, but also produce full series of full sepctrum grow light 100W 240W 400W 450W 480W 600W 640W 800W 960W 1000W 2000W 3000W,4 bar 6 bar 8 bar 10 bar 12 bar led grow light with 2.8-3 umols,led QB board grow light,led panel grow light, perfect for 3x3 4X4 5X5 6X6 grow tent, welcome for wholesale orders and drop shipping orders.

9 Green Room Led Grow Light10 Indoor Plants Led Grow Light

Intelligent control system(Not included,customized)

No need for a switchboardEasy and safe installation(low voltage device)
Protected against short circuit
Double temperature safety feature
Control up to 100 %
Show outputas W or %
Auto shutdown at temperature setting
APP Smart control

WIFI control

6 Safe Led Grow Light8 Greenhouse Led Grow Light

Product Description

* Fully assembled, industrial grade construction and durability
* Optimized spectrum for all phases of plant growth and production
* Scientifically engineered spectrum to maximize photosynthesis, growth, and yield
* Equivalent to 3000W traditional HPS/MH light.
* >40% less energy consumed and heat generated to produce an equivalent amount of delivered PAR than 3000W HPS
* Superior delivered PAR output and PAR photon efficacy than 3000W HPS
* Superior lighting uniformity across the plant canopy
* Passive cooling design eliminates inferior features such as fans, moving parts, and noise
* Sustainable and environmentally friendly mercury-free lighting source compared to traditional technologies (HID and
fluorescent) requiring hazardous waste disposal
* Adjustable LED panels allowing for more focused or more diffuse lighting distribution over the plant canopy
* Applications: aero-pots,vertical farming,grow box, Indoor crop production, greenhouses, growth chambers, retro-fit existing HID or new construction controlled environment grow facilities.
4 Best Led Grow Light3 Led Uv Ir


The 8-bar configuration allows you to mount this light source in low rooms, on vertical grow racks, over rolling benches or even in tents. For maximum uniformity, hang the fixture 24-36 inches from the crop.

High Output and efficient Led

Reliably sourced components for your options,SOSEN/Inventronics/Meanwell Advance Drivers, Samsung white LEDs /Domestic high quality leds and domestic effictive far red led create improved performance. The Phlizon PH-FD72-I gently drives LEDs to optimize fixture life and improve spectral output. The 8 passively cooled bars provide full-spectrum, broad-coverage light for full-term growth.

Full Spectrum High Performance

Operating at 720 watts with an output of 1700 µmol s-1, this fixture achieves an impressive efficacy upto 2.7 µmol s-1 per watt.Passively cooled LED bars provide intense light coverage with no fans or moving parts—significantly reducing the number of possible fail points compared to other fixtures.
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You Deserve With Superior Canopy Penetration And Bud Density. Customized Spectrum what your plants love.

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